9 key reasons to invest in CAIRDAC


 Cairdac has developed the world’s first leadless self-sustainable dual-chamber pacemaker with a lifespan – positioning CAIRDAC on a NEW market segment.

CAIRDAC’s pacemaker does not require connecting leads or generator therefor the procedure of implementation requires a minimal invasive surgery (implanted endoscopically) and less discomfort for the patient.

CAIRDAC’s pacemaker is being designed to last over 15 years. A pending patent enables to offer a reliable product thanks to multi-tube packaging with ceramic and titanium windows and gold brazed tubes.


A disruptive piezoelectric energy harvester

Cairdac’s piezoelectric harvester module transforms the kinetic energy of the heart into electrical energy. The device is able to capture the heart’s oscillations thanks to its patented technology and is able to offer a vast array of new applications.


ALPS is the first self-rechargeable leadless pacemaker using the heart’s kinetic energy to power itself

Existing products on the market all use a primary battery. ALPS™ is the first leadless pacemaker to use a rechargeable battery, allowing for a stored energy surplus. The battery also plays a security role, as it has up to 6 months of self-operating period, enabeling patients to safely reach a nearby healthcare facility.


An energy surplus that allows multiple features including multi-chamber compatibility and communication.

The additional energy provided by the energy harvester and stored in the rechargeable battery allows the implementation of new features that are impossible to implant in current products such as:

    • Inter-capsule communication allowing the first leadless multi-chamber pacemaker
    • Data storage facilitating the patient follow-up
    • New sensing device


An experienced Executive Team with over 120 years of cumulated experience.

CAIRDAC’s team is composed of 24 focused engineers and technicians.

CAIRDAC’s pacemaker was born out of the alliance of skills essential to the successful development of this innovative pacemaker. It’s a balanced combination of people having:

    • more than 30 years devoted to piezoelectric technologies.
    • and experiences in Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) technologies and pacemakers.


A strong and resilient market – valued at around $3.9bn in 2019 with strong growth drivers due to demand for dual chamber leadless pacemakers.

The market addressed was valued around $3.9bn in 2019 with a robust CAGR of 2.9% in market value ($) and 4.7% in unit volume.

Strong underlying trends are driving the market positively such as:

    • The increase in prevalence of cardiovascular diseases across the globe
    • Growing ageing population in developing regions


A consistent portfolio of 41 patents

CAIRDAC has an extensive patent portfolio with 41 patents to date, covering disruptive technologies areas such as:

    • Piezo harvester
    • Alps™ structure and battery
    • Anchoring system


A coherent business plan over the next 5 years

The business plan foresees a market launch in 2025.

The executive team has setup a precise schedule with an excellent visibility towards the next steps of product development and the consolidation of the existing team.

In 2022, CAIRDAC has raised a €M17 A-Series financing to further developments and achieve key milestones.


A fully mastered value chain.

CAIRDAC controls the entire value chain by providing a complete offer:

    • Delivery tool for easy implementation with a minimally invasive procedure.
    • Leadless self-sustainable pacemaker allows to store and transfer data.
    • The central database stores, secures and analyses the data before transmitting it to the healthcare professional in charge of patient follow-up.

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