Living energy with every heartbeat.

The world’s first Autonomous Leadless Pacing System

Incorporating a unique inertial energy harvesting technology synchronized with cardiac rhythm.


Rethinking Cardiac Rhythm Management

CAIRDAC has developed the only pacemaker incorporating a revolutionary energy harvesting module capable of powering the device with no energy limitation.

Cairdac's Pacemaker in a hand
ALPS is a unique,  autonomous and endoscopically implanted leadless pacemaker incorporating a self-sustaining power patented technology harvesting the heart’s kinetic energy.

Currently, CAIRDAC’s leadless pacemaker is in chronic preclinical testing phases with very consistent results in terms of compatibility and performance.

CAIRDAC brings disruptive technologies to conventional leadless pacemakers – meeting patients and healthcare professionals’ growing needs – with an all-in-one, cost-effective solution that will revolutionize patients’ quality of life.

Interview with
Professor Wouter Oosterlinck M.D, Ph.D.

Professor Oosterlinck, M.D, P.hD., at the University Hospitals Leuven in Belgium gives us his professional opinion on how the power of the self-sustainable energy supply of ALPS addresses the currently unmet fundamental needs in  cardiac rhythm disorders. From device longevity, to dual-chamber stimulation and lower risks of infection, find out how ALPS is reshaping the world of leadless pacemakers.

A Full Paradigm Shift in Cardiac Rhythm Management

Since the 60’s implantable pacemakers have been powered by a primary battery which needs to be replaced upon depletion; although leadless pacemakers have taken a big leap forward in the past few years, the same problem applies to leadless devices as their battery capacity is even more reduced due to miniaturization. Replacement or re-implantation of a new leadless device is a complicated procedure and an expensive solution for patients and healthcare systems.

Today, device longevity is the major weak point of current leadless pacemakers as they need to be replaced, thus becoming a complicated, risky and costly solution for patients and hospitals.

AND there is NO leadless solution for Dual-Chamber Stimulation.

Zoom Anatomic Heart with Cairdac's pacemaker

Patients and healthcare
professionals can now have it all

With ALPS’s innovative technology, the reality of dual-chamber stimulation and communication with a significant lifespan is here today, thus making it accessible for younger patients and compatible with healthcare systems cost effectiveness.

This patented technology allows for more unique and never seen before capabilities such as :

Intercommunication between capsules

once placed in the heart utilizing the latest Human Body Communication transmitter

Real-Time monitoring

thanks to its holter which allows data to be collected, saved and shared.

ALPS‘ miniature size enables it to be implanted endoscopically
which significantly reduces risks of infections and other complications.