With its self-sufficient energy design and thanks to a piezoelectric extender, ALPS converts the heart’s kinetic energy into  electrical energy; with every heartbeat the device is accumulating the electrical energy necessary to pace the heart in return; thus, creating a perpetual cycle.

ALPS is the most innovative answer to date for patients and healthcare professionals.

This is an all-in-one cost-effective solution that saves lives and time.

ALPS is the only leadless and self-sustainable cardiac pacemaker using an innovative patented harvester technology.

In a standard pacemaker; the device needs to be replaced every 7-10 years on average depending on the patient’s needs. With ALPS, there is no need to replace it because it is self-sustainable and has a very low energy consumption.

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The multiple limitations of traditional solutions

Currently used leadless pacemakers

Leadless pacemaker have been in use for the past few years, but they are limited by their battery life and will therefore also need to be replaced over time, increasing healthcare costs and exposing patients to risks of infections due to repeated implantations.

Conventional pacemakers

The healthy heart has its own pacemaker that regulates the heartbeat’s rate. However, some hearts may require electronic implantable pacemaker to recover a suitable heart rate.

Since the 1960’s pacemakers have been implanted under the skin in the chest and leads are introduced into the heart chambers through the veins (subclavian), they may have one to three leads depending on the type of stimulation (single-chamber / dual-chamber or biventricular) and can be used for brady-arrhythmias, cardiac resynchronization therapy, cardiomyopathy or syncope.

Both solutions are costly as devices will need to be replaced over time requiring surgery, thus increasing the risk of infection for patients.

ALPS is the only solution currently answering these problems


CAIRDAC’s pacing system is using a frequency-tuned energy harvester optimized by predictive algorithms to provide self-sustainable autonomous leadless pacing system compatible with long-term implantation.

Its strengths are a direct result of its revolutionary and cutting-edge patented technology. Its many functionalities can be turned on and off according to the patient’s needs without impacting the lifespan of the system.

ALPS Cairdac pacemaker

The inextinguishable energy reservoir of the heart will empower new features that are currently inhibited with competitors. CAIRDAC is paving the way in cardiac rhythm management by targeting simultaneously several crucial aspects:

Impediment free & no replacement
surgery for patients

Reduction of health expenditures

New sensing and communcation features

Unlimited life expectancy