Product Development Manager

Job description: The Product Development Manager is responsible for the planning, management, coordination and cost control of project.

He/She shall have a significant body of experience in the field of Medical Devices, hybridation of systems and integration of smart systems. Particular skills in mechanical, electronics and implantable medical devices are welcome.


ASIC Design Manager

Job description: The ASIC design Manager will take in charge the development of miniaturized multi-function circuits for medical implants with emphasis on low consumption electronics.

He/She shall have significant expertise in ASICs design for medical applications and preferable for medical implants.


Mechanical Project Leader

Job description: The Mechanical project leader will have the responsibility of mechanical design and prototyping of medical devices or medical implants.

He/She shall have been graduated with Mechanical Master degree and / or having confirmed and recognised expertise in mechanical design and assembly. Particular skills or passed experience in medical applications are welcome.